With a great feeling for language

Even though we know that our heart is not a pump, it beats for technology. Manuals, operating instructions, brochures? Wonderful! Parts lists? Not quite as sexy ...
Our domain is translation for technology. Here, we are able to quickly familiarize ourselves with any niche – no matter how exotic.

In the course of our work, five focal points have emerged. These are Automation, Automotive, IT, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering and Architecture. In these industries, we know our stuff.

Our translators have already worked in these fields as engineers or architects and know from their own practical experience what your texts are about. They also have at least three years of professional experience as translators. This is what we understand by professional translation.

Specialized knowledge is essential for texts with complex subjects. After all, the content has to be transformed into another language and not simply the words substituted one after another in a row. That's why we're your specialist translators. Incorrectly translated safety instructions in a machine manual can endanger human lives. We're well aware of this responsibility.

Word-for-word translations are left to others. The big, colorful search engine does this faster - and worse.

Dictionaries? We have those, too ... As decorations on a shelf.

Our tools are programs that work as learning systems. They remember all translated segments in pairs – meaning in the source and target language. As soon as a segment that has already been translated appears, the program makes a suggestion to the translator, which he or she can accept or change. This shortens the processing time, and you receive a translation with consistent terminology and language. This makes it easier for your customers to understand the text, and you, as our customer, also save money – because text repetitions are, of course, cheaper than a totally new translation. Especially if a document that has already been translated is revised – this can lead to considerable savings.

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Marketing documents for technical products are also among our specialties.

Here, specialist knowledge must be combined with the right tone and knowledge of the target market. Think technical products are independent of culture? Not at all! In Spanish-speaking countries, the product name better not contain “Nova”. “No va” means “It's not going”. We regard such references as a logical part of our translation service.

What exactly is a technical translation?

A technical translation is a technical text that contains a specific technical vocabulary and is to be translated into another language. Such documents include operating and maintenance manuals, operating instructions, product data sheets, manuals and brochures. Understanding these texts requires more than general knowledge. Therefore, it's a matter of communication between professionals. Consequently, specialist texts must also be translated by subject experts.

What does a technical translation cost?

First, the bad news:
the prices for a technical translation are higher than for a literary translation.

And now the good news:
As an example, operating instructions or manuals almost always contain repetitions, especially if a document has already been translated and is to be updated.

We translators have the tools to immediately see how high the repetition rate is. And that's what we're happy to tell you: just ask for a quote.

Translations for the Automotive Industry
Whether passenger cars or commercial vehicles themselves, or products from suppliers, high quality standards apply in the automotive industry. Our certified processes make us a reliable partner.

Translations for the Automation Industry
It all started with power engineering and automation. For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing technical translations in this field. Further information on automation can be found here.

Translations for the Mechanical Engineering Industry
What does it look like inside a machine? It takes a lot of experience to imagine how a machine works when you're sitting at a desk. Find out here how our technical translators work.

Translations for the IT Industry
Information technologies are developing faster than all other industries and are becoming part of other technical industries. Our experience with IT documents can be easily transferred to other disciplines. You can find out more about the special requirements for translations in the IT industry here.

Translations for Civil Engineering and Architecture
Your civil engineering and architectural texts are translated exclusively by civil engineers and architects. It goes without saying that they always, on principle, translate into their mother tongue. Would you like to know more? Read on here.