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Mission & Vision

Whether you're already at home in global markets or would like to move into new regions, a successful presence requires seamless, linguistic and cultural communication that is tailored to meet new customers' needs. We have years of experience to help you do just that.

Translating texts with sophisticated technical content has been our core area of expertise for more than two decades. During this time, we have found capable, contractual partners for all major business languages We translate from and into:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese with variants, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French with variants, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese with variants, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Other languages on request.
. Our translators understand their craft. Each one has a university degree in either translation or engineering. We monitor their work continually and guarantee consistent quality as a result.

As we are on the subject of quality, structured translation processes and project management are further fundamental components of our quality assurance standards. Our project managers gather together and provide translators all the information they need and closely oversee deadlines. We continually update our technical infrastructure in order to ensure we're working with the latest and best tools. Our quality assurance is also carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

And finally, we're only satisfied when you are.


Expect more from us

We're flexible and can fully adapt to your circumstances. An entire range of services is possible, from a purely manual workflow to automated processes. We develop processes that fit yours – whether it's access to a portal in which you place texts, your CMS interface with automatic messaging for new texts and returning translations, or of whatever is conceivable. Please speak to us about which route is best for you.

We will work out a solution with you together to reduce your company's translation costs. Thanks to effective communication, you can simply view us as your own, in-house department. We fit into your structures. In order to meet your terminology requirements and answer questions on the level of local, native speakers, we will gladly communicate with your branches abroad. In that way, in-house and outsourcing become one in the same.

We rapidly translate comprehensive documentation with the same quality and consistency as we do shorter texts, produced by a single translator. Our project management assembles a qualified team that simultaneously works with the aid of a shared translation memory What is a TM?

Translation Memory (TM) stores phrase and sentence pairs that are made up of a source and corresponding target language segment. The translation is entered by the translator, so the work is being done by a person and not a machine.

If a document is updated in the source language or a similar document created, the TM searches for phrases it already has in stored segments. It then automatically proposes the translation to the translator. If the stored and new segments are identical, it is called a 100%-match. If there are differences that the translator must correct, it is known as a "fuzzy" match. We provide a discount for translating 100% and fuzzy matches. New segments are invoiced at the full rate.
(TM). Comprehensive projects A text segment translated by Translator A can immediately be accessed and used by Translator B as a match or fuzzy match. This allows the greatest degree of consistency possible while avoiding terminological or stylistic inconsistencies that have to be corrected manually after translation. It saves time and the documents read as if a single author wrote them all.

Maintenance of a company's terminology is a component of corporate identity. TerminologyYet for historical reasons, means for expressing the same content may often differ from department to department. We would be pleased to set up a concept for standardising terminology and create a data bank for the entire firm.

Two sets of eyes see more than one. That's why we offer to proofread Proofreading English texts as well as those in other languages. When we proofread, we work according to the standards set by the US Norm SAE-J2450, which originated in the automobile industry. SAE-J2450 defines a process by which texts may be evaluated using objectively measurable criteria. Translator tastes are subject to linguistic rules that allow for the delivery of concise texts.


With you in your field

Technische Übersetzung für Ihre Branche.

Our customers appreciate our expert knowledge. We know and understand technical contexts because we have specialised in specific areas. Our expertise is the best prerequisite for a translation that reads like an original.

We've worked for many years for a major automobile manufacturer and a number Automotiveof suppliers. We translate the full range of vehicle documentation: in-car user instructions and vehicle, workshop and service manuals. We also prepare specialist items, such as training manuals.

For more than two decades, we have successfully worked in the field of Automation industrial automation. We are familiar with all the different areas – from individual drive elements to industrial communication. Many recommendations from satisfied customers in the sector spotlight our expertise in this area.

The enormous diversity of Germany's globally renowned mechanical engineering sector Mechanical Engineering demands translators have the ability to conceive exactly how each machine works. Many of our translators are also engineers. As a result, we have sometimes been able to point out inaccuracies in source texts and contribute to improving original documents.

Roads, city planning, infrastructure and energy and water supply are only a few Building and Construction of the topics our structural engineers and architects work with as they translate. From certified expert engineering reports, to textbooks, to company image documents, we can handle all types of texts in this sector.

The rapidity of development in the IT sector makes extremely short product cycles Information
a matter of course. Documentation and user interfaces are continually updated. Here, more than in other industries, translators face challenges to their readiness to learn and ability to grasp concepts quickly. Translators have to think like users as they develop menu concepts with comprehensible abbreviations when space limits the number of characters. Specifics relating to languages and countries also have to be considered. Last but not least, thanks to our latest tool, we're able to meet what are often short deadlines.

Key personnel

Where it all comes together


Monika Mersmann
Founded the company in 1994 after receiving a certified degree in technical translation and has since set the firm on a growth course by practicing a stringent, consistent policy of quality assurance.
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Dieter Peter Kurt Müller. Er spielt imSchnee can surmount any project challenge that comes his way, for customers and translators alike.
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Technische Übersetzung - Ansprechpartner Projektmanagement

Prajakta Pathak An expert in intercultural communication, Prajakta Pathak can answer your questions in German, English and if need be, in Hindi, Marathi and French.
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Technik Übersetzen - Ansprechpartner Übersetzungen

Stefanie Claus is our subject-area specialist for automation. Her in-house support to one of our customers ensures that their queries are answered almost as soon as they arise.
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Technical Translation

Sarah Haeckel welcomes new customers and anyone who would like to use our service.
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