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Do you think language and technology are not compatible in the human brain? But it is! We can prove it to you.

Translating texts with sophisticated, technical content – that’s our core competence. And we’ve been doing so for more than 20 years. We can provide you with technical translations for all commercially relevant languages. No, we don’t have Guaraní, but we offer two variations of Portuguese – one for Europe and one for Brazil. The same applies to variations for French, Spanish, and Dutch. All our translators have a university degree, either as a translator or as an engineer.

What Do We Offer You?

In addition to technical translations, we can also proofread for you in any desired language.

Properly-maintained terminology is the framework of technical language. This is a component of translations that is often underestimated. We’ve developed a special terminology management system that can be accessed by all your colleagues and employees.

Do your foreign branches want to have a say in the marketing documents? They should. We provide you with a very simple tool with which they can efficiently incorporate their ideas.

And if things have to be done really quickly, we’re there for you with our Express Service.

ISO 9001:2015

With structured translation processes and project management that provides the translator with all the information he needs and closely monitors completion deadlines, we ensure that our machinery runs smoothly and doesn’t falter. We constantly update our technical infrastructure to have the best tools on hand. Our quality assurance is carried out according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, but that’s what you probably thought.

Iso 9001 certified

ISO 17100

Our translation service has also been certified to ISO 17100. This standard, which is specific to translation services, defines requirements, processes, and skills in the areas of human resources, technology, quality, and project management, as well as contractual frameworks and work processes. Information security plays an important role, and the qualifications of the translators must be proven. Here, too, we have been certified to meet the requirements of ISO 17100.

Iso 17100 certified

WBENC certified

WBENCWe have been certified to WBENC which is the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. If you are looking for Supplier Diversity, let’s talk.


tekomWe are a member of tekom, the German professional association for technical communication. It’s a forum in which workers with highly specialized knowledge in the fields of technical editing and technical translation exchange information and promote new developments.

Information Security

Information security is important to us. Translators and project managers – meaning all persons who process your data – are contractually obliged to keep all information confidential. If you have additional, special requirements for the storage and return of your data, an even higher level of security is possible, which we will be happy to explain to you in detail.


New challenges? Unusual projects? Always bring them here.


We’re a small, but fine and purely organically grown service provider. Perhaps not the biggest in the industry, but agile and fast. Not a giant ocean liner, but a catamaran. That’s why we’re able to adapt seamlessly to your requirements. We can be easily integrated into your structures and processes. Because we can work unbureaucratically, you also receive an answer to your questions very quickly, within a few hours.

We Love Problems. Really.

Of course, there are problems every now and then. And that’s a good thing. When a problem arises, we don’t dodge them with a list of justifications. We sit down at one table with everyone involved and find a solution. Problems point to vulnerabilities that need to be fixed. New solutions often result in approaches that may be of interest for other customer requirements.

And that’s precisely how we grow.


Translation Service
Here you can find out how we work and what you get out of it.
After all, we want you and your customers to be satisfied.

Technical Translations
Here you can find out why we’re so enthusiastic about technical translations. We like all technical fields, but some even more than others.

Who are the people you exchange emails with or chat with on the phone? Meet our team. Here’s where you can find out what you perhaps always wanted to know.

Do you have a specific translation project, another linguistic request, or just want to know what the weather is like in Hannover? We’ll gladly provide you with that information.

  • With Sprachprofis, we feel we are in very good hands. The translations are not merely straight translations, they are translations into a real (advertising) language with a great intuition for the content to be transformed. And that even faster than many copywriters would produce … The provision of the terminology database for shared use is also a perfect service and helps us enormously as a customer.
    Electrolux Hausgeräte GmbH
  • We are very satisfied with the fast and reliable translations of sometimes quite spontaneous translation orders. We look forward to continuing our good collaboration.
    Vector Informatik GmbH
  • For almost 20 years, we’ve been able to count on Sprachprofis for our translations. We’re always impressed by the high quality of the translations and the punctual delivery of the texts.
    PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V.
  • We have been working with Sprachprofis for many years. They provide us with translations for demanding technical texts in a large number of different languages – and always quickly and reliably. We are very satisfied with Sprachprofis.
    K. A. Schmersal Holding GmbH & Co. KG
  • Quotes are always prepared very promptly and translations have never been delivered late. They’ve also always taken care to maintain layouts, references, etc. We are very satisfied with our cooperation.
    Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH
  • • It’s not easy to find qualified translation service providers for the construction industry. That’s why we’re happy to work with Sprachprofis on translations of various product overviews and marketing texts, and they have translated our current technical book, Meeting the Highest Quality Demands on Elastomer Bearing Technology in the Construction Industry, which our customers and partners were enthusiastic about.
    Calenberg Ingenieure GmbH