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The icing on the cake…


Software Solutions


That can’t be all we can do ... we’d often thought this after a translation had been completed. This is how we went on to develop additional practical solutions to make your daily work with texts in multiple languages easier and more convenient. Of course, we could have sent you chocolate as well, but just consider our translation software as the virtual and calorie-free icing on the cake.


Your sales specialists abroad know best how to address your customers in different markets. This is especially true for specialist vocabulary. That’s why technical translations are often proofread by foreign subsidiaries. However, misunderstandings may arise since it’s often unclear how a translation is to be checked. We offer you an easy-to-understand application that’s available in all target languages.
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Terminology Management

The maintenance of the company’s own terminology is an important part of corporate communications. For historical reasons, however, different departments often have different terminology for the same subject matter. Terminology maintenance plays a particularly important role in technical translations. We will be happy to draw up a concept for standardizing terminology and set up a company-wide database for you. As a customer of our translation services, you’ll receive a Basic Version of tecterm free of charge. This tops off our professional translation services. You can find out more about our terminology solution here ».


An important email, an addition to a brochure shortly before going to press, urgent information – short texts have to be translated at lightning speed again and again. These are situations for our Express Service. We guarantee that we will translate a maximum of 400 words for you within four hours. We offer German, English, French, and Spanish as source and target languages. Simply upload your file here. Your colleagues can download the target text directly – upon your approval. Data is exchanged using highly secure SHA-256 (256-bit) encryption.

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