The rapid developments in the IT sector result in very short product cycles. Documentation and user interfaces must be continuously updated. The translators' willingness to learn and quick comprehension are even more important here than for other industries. With a limited number of characters for the menus, a translator must put himself or herself in the position of the user and abbreviate meaningfully. Country-specific peculiarities must be taken into account. And last but not least, thanks to the latest tools, we are able to meet the (often tight) deadlines.

What do we translate?

We translate all specialist texts related to IT (information technology), telecommunications, software, hardware, and electronics, such as

  • Handbooks
  • User interfaces
  • Online help resources
  • Training materials
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Product information
  • Marketing materials

How do we translate?

When translating user interfaces and online help in particular, strict adherence to terminology is essential. Carelessness – such as the use of synonyms – leads in the most basic case to confusion. In the worst case, the program no longer works. For this reason, we meticulously maintain your in-house terminology. In a separate window, the translator sees the pre-defined translation of individual menu items and brings it over into the text to be translated using a single click. For standard menu items, we use the Microsoft glossary.

You don't need to worry about strings that must not be changed. They are automatically protected so that they can't be accidentally deleted or changed during the translation process. This is ensured by the programs that our translators are required to use for every text.

Digitalization, ultimately the product of IT, affects all parts of our daily lives, including areas where this was unthinkable until recently. The Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and much more will soon become a matter of course. The processing of information has long been an essential part of all fields in which we have specialized. That's why IT is another focus of the services we offer.

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