We're not the right fit for you ...

... if you don't care about the quality of your documentation.

Service providers who offer poor or mediocre translations are always available anywhere. In most cases, you will spend less money on inferior texts than you do with us.

But if you are of the opinion that the multilingual technical documentation is part of your product, and you think that you offer the best product in your industry perhaps even one of the hidden champions then we are very pleased that you've found us.

Together, we can ensure that

  • Your customers understand the product documentation better because it is translated by experts and because we maintain your terminology,
  • Your foreign branches can finally correct brochures in their local language, saving time and resources,
  • Very urgent texts are actually delivered to the recipient with the highest priority

Anyone can call themselves a “technical translator,” because this professional title is not protected. But by no means is just anyone allowed to translate with us. We require a university degree as a translator, technical translator or engineer with at least three years of professional experience. Only then are the translators allowed to work with your texts.

Translation Memory – the outsourced memory

All the content of your documents goes through the brain of a human translator who specializes in your field. In order to make the work efficient, he/she outsources parts of his/her memory to a so-called Translation Memory. This program forgets nothing and is even able to learn: a sentence or segment is stored in both the source and target language versions. If the program finds a sentence that has already been saved in the same or a similar version, it suggests the saved target language segment to the translator. The translator can now accept or change the proposed text. The more segments there are, the more precise the translation suggestions will be. Another advantage is that you receive documents with consistent terminology and style. And you can be happy that your translation will be cheaper, because you won’t be charged for segments that have already been translated, or you'll only be charged at a fraction of the price. The prices for the translation service thus become transparent.

Translating means understanding. We understand your product.

Right from the start, we’ve focused on technical translations. Thanks to a broad basic knowledge of technology, we can quickly familiarize ourselves with new areas. We’ve gained a great deal of experience in certain specialty areas and see ourselves primarily as a translation service for automation, automotive, IT and mechanical engineering, as well as architecture and construction. We consider these to fall under the term “professional translation.”

We’re on your side

We are flexible and adapt completely to your circumstances. The whole range of options is open to you – from purely manual workflows to automated processes. We develop processes that suit your needs. Whether it’s access to a portal in which you can enter texts, an interface to your CMS with automatic notifications for new texts and the return of translations, or whatever else is conceivable. Let’s talk about which option is best for you.

We will work with you to find a solution to control the cost of the translation service. Simply think of us as your own in-house department. We adapt to your organization. In order to clarify terminology requests and questions, we are also happy to contact your foreign branches on a mother-tongue level. “In-house” and “outsourcing” are no longer opposing or mutually exclusive. Find out more about our terminology solution, which can be used by any of your employees worldwide.

Software Solutions
In our daily work, we noticed processes we weren't satisfied with. After many hours of discussion (and an estimated 300 cups of coffee later) we present you with our programs that make the lives of technical writers, proofreaders and others involved with terminology easier. Check out the details here.

On our references page, you can find statements about our work from a small selection of our list of customers. Don't see your industry represented? Talk to us.