Concepts for conserving resources are capturing the markets around the world. Sun, wind and water are increasingly being used to generate power. New technologies are constantly being developed for the disposal and recovery of materials.

Our customers for translations in the field of environmental engineering

We provide translations - in all European languages - to energy suppliers in the area of offshore wind farms, engineering and planning offices for environmental protection, electricity transmission system operators, and manufacturers of biogas plants.

What do we translate?

In the field of environmental engineering, we translate documents such as the following:

  • Manuals
  • Instructions
  • Operational and maintenance guides
  • Technical articles
  • Requests for proposals
  • Proposals/quotes
  • Local rules and regulations
  • Websites

How do we translate?

The quality of neural machine translation is continuing to advance, even if it’'s still far from achieving the same standard as a human translation. We first examine a text to see if it is suitable for machine translation; and if it is, the pretranslated text is then edited by a translator. Our translators work only in their fields of expertise. After all, it’'s only possible to translate a text that one understands.

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Energy and environmental engineering

Environmental engineering combines knowledge from the fields of mechanical engineering, process engineering and civil engineering for environmental facilities, but also from the fields of chemistry and biochemistry, such as for topics relating to waste management.

How can environmental pollution be minimized? How can recycling processes be improved, and how can sources of renewable energy be tapped?

In response to these questions and to achieve the environmental targets that have been set, products are being developed and implemented around the world. Global collaboration is more important than ever in researching and developing solutions in these fields. We are here to support you in communicating to a global audience.

Do you need a technical translation in the field of environmental engineering?

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