The chemical industry in Germany is an important supplier of a large number of basic materials and chemicals for processing industries. The German chemical industry has the highest turnover in Europe and is the world's largest exporter of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Technical translations for the chemical industry require error-free terminology and in-depth specialist knowledge. As an ISO-certified translation agency, we process our translation projects according to high standards and under constant quality management.

We translate the following types of text, among others:

  • Technical articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Patents
  • Packaging inserts
  • Presentations
  • Data sheets
  • Studies
  • Toxicological reports
  • Manufacturing instructions

Professional technical translation for the chemical industry - our offer and procedure

Whether data sheets as Excel, marketing materials as InDesign files or your technical article as Word -we process many formats. You will receive a quote in advance with the exact word count and the expected processing time. We will clarify any queries in advance.

As soon as you place your order, our professional chemical translators translate your text and report back any unclear passages in the source text for clarification. For each client, we work with a client-specific translation memory and gradually create your company's own terminology. Both are displayed to the translators during the translation, which ensures excellent linguistic consistency of the translations across many texts.

Your text is then proofread, if required, the layout is checked and it arrives in your inbox on time.

Your translation agency for chemistry - Die Sprachprofis help you

In addition to reliable and high-quality technical translations for chemistry to and from all economically relevant languages, we also offer editing or proofreading.

Our tools are programs that work as learning systems. They remember all translated segments in pairs, i.e. in the source and target language. As soon as an already translated segment comes up, the program makes a suggestion to the translator(s), which they can accept or change. This shortens the processing time and you receive a translated document with consistent terminology and language. In addition you also save money, because text repetitions are naturally charged at a lower rate than a complete new translation. Especially when a document that has already been translated is revised, this can lead to considerable savings.

You can view and comment on the terminology created for you via our online tool tecterm. Your change requests will then be incorporated into the terminology and taken into account for the next job.

Die Sprachprofis - your specialist translators for the chemical industry

As an ISO-certified translation agency, we offer a high level of quality with controlled quality management. Our experienced technical translators for chemistry always translate into their native language and have technical training. This means they bring technical expertise and specialist knowledge of the chemical sector in addition to linguistic qualities.

The price of a translation is made up of various factors. For each enquiry, we prepare a non-binding quote with word-for-word billing, in which, for example, repetitions are taken into account and billed at a lower rate.
If you send us your documents in the usual MS Office formats or as an InDesign file, you will receive your translation right back in the correct layout. A little tip: When creating the source document, allow a little extra space for certain translations. Romanic languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, but also Russian almost always run longer than German.

The minimum qualification of our translators is a university degree either as a translator or engineer as well as at least three years of professional experience. Our meticulous quality management ensures consistently high translation quality.